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 Off-Topic (+18) Forum - How to become a member.

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Off-Topic (+18) Forum - How to become a member. Empty
PostSubject: Off-Topic (+18) Forum - How to become a member.   Off-Topic (+18) Forum - How to become a member. EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 1:59 pm

The 18+ Forum is now available to contributing members of the forum.

To gain entry, Members need to have a minimum of 50 posts, that contribute to the forum. We won't accept 50 posts of solely "Well done!" or "Nice snake", you actualy have to contribute to the forum in order to gain access, not to add to your post count. You have to be a registered member for a minimum of 1 month. This way we can get to know you, and learn to trust you as a member. Members will also need to act in an adult manner.

Being an 18+ Section, prettymuch anything is allowed, however, there are some ground rules. Pornography involving ANY Animal, will not be tollerated at all. This will result in a perminant IP ban of the website. First and final warning, no second chances. This means sexual interactions, a model having a snake draped over her, for example is acceptable, as this is not concidered as "sexually asulting" an animal. The same rule applies to Child Pornography - This will NOT be tollerated whatsoever, also.

"Sexual taunting" of members and moderators will also not be tollerated. Members caught doing so will have their membership of the +18 forum taken away.

Abusive behaviour, will also result in membership restrictions.

To request entry into the +18 section, at the top of the site, click "Usergroups", in the Drop-down Box, select '+18 Forum', click 'View Details', and then tick the box, then click to request to join.

We also hold the right to decline membership to anybody, for any paticular reason. Wink

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Off-Topic (+18) Forum - How to become a member.
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