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 injured black racer

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PostSubject: injured black racer   injured black racer EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 10:10 am

hi guys, i found a black racer with a probable broken back. it's about 2ft long and the break is about 6to 8 inches from the head. any way he'll servive? anything i can do to help him? or should i just take him out of his misery and make snakesoup? lol . any info would be greatly welcomed.
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PostSubject: Re: injured black racer   injured black racer EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 8:02 pm

hey, i was not able to respond to your forum entry about the black racer. i have the same problem. mine is about 2 & 1/2 feet and his broken back injury is about 7-8 inches from his head. i have him in an aquarium with mulch along the bottom and a deep plate of water for him to drink out of. i cought a couple lizards but he wouldnt eat them. i have also put in some super worms and 2 dozen crickets. he wont eat anything but i have caught him drinking the water. his eyes are cloudy but i dont know if that is because he is going to shed or he is traumatized. he was climbing in between screens on my front door and got caught & pinched under the door as i closed it. i dont wanna kill him if he can live. i left him out side for about 7 hours but he ended up having ants attacking him. i then brought him inside and cleaned them off. been taking care of him for almost 2 weeks. i dont want him to suffer and i dont want to kill him if he can live. i know he is safer with me even if he dies though. im 100% serious and almost 2 weeks into this. please tell me your story. what happened with your situation??? please tell me what happened with yours and time frames. any information would be great. thank you very much for your time and please contact me as soon as possible. thanks Smile
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injured black racer
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